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Polish expert on luxury and exclusive real estate "Ministry of the Sun" hold the festive anniversary sale of patrimonial royal palaces in the picturesque foothills of the Giant Mountains of Poland, dedicated to the unification of Europe, with a discount of 75% of their real value

The palace is located on 5.1 hectares and its adjacent territory is 30 hectares

For the purchase of the palace with the land you should have consent documents or a residence permit, in the acquisition of which we will help you in the first place.

Why do you need this particular palace?

1. Possibility of creating of any business with the most favorable conditions. At that, expenditure level differs downwards from other European Union countries

2. Complexity in the construction of mountain railways for a long time has been determined the value of eco-location of the palace: the absence of harmful enterprises, clean air, water, etc.

3. The current infrastructure will allow you to live with comfort and coziness: Supermarkets and McDonalds - 12KM, airport WROCLAW - 100KM, PRAGA - 150KM, BERLIN - 330KM

4. In May, 2016, Poland is planning to promulgate a law that allows the Russians to buy real estate with the land and then such an opportunity to buy cheap old patrimony will be irrelevant

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